Funding & Scholarships

If you are interested in working in the Advanced Materials Group (AMG), there are numerous scholarships available, which could make this possible for you. Most importantly, you should contact Prof Foster as soon as possible, to discuss options. Some of them are listed below for undergraduates, graduates, postdoctoral fellows, and others.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students are always welcome in the AMG. Most undergraduates are not paid during the fall / spring semester, but either volunteer, or do research for undergraduate research credit. A few opportunities for research for undergraduates is available for pay over the summer. 

For more information, visit the Chemical and Biological Engineering Undergraduate (CHBE) page or talk with the Undergraduate Advisor.

Graduate Research Opportunities

Graduate students are always welcome in the AMG. Qualified, talented and self-motivated students from all countries are eligible to apply for admission into The University of British Columbia’s Graduate Program, and the CHBE Program.

Be sure to check the UBC’s Graduate School Scholarships, Awards, & Funding Page or CHBE’s Awards & Funding Opportunities.

Postdoctoral Research Opportunities

Post doctoral fellows are always welcome in the AMG. There are a variety of funding opportunities for research / postdoctoral fellows in our group. Some funds are easier to access if there is already a talented Postdoc ‘in line’ for the the position, and can be included in a funding proposal. Please make sure to contact Prof Foster if interested. Even better if you have funding in mind, or lined up. 

Swiss Graduate Students (you do not have to be Swiss citizens, but only have graduated in Switzerland) can apply to the Swiss National Science Foundation Early Mobility Fellowship 

British citizens can apply to the Early Career Fellowship Leverhulme Trust, Royal Society Grants and British Council for postdoctoral fellowships. 

All EU citizens can obtain funding from the EU. Several options are available:

  • Marie Curie Fellowships
  • Horizon 2020

Canadian citizens can apply for NSERC postdoctoral awards.

Research Funding Links

Chemistry & Materials Journals

Interesting journals we try to keep an eye on.