Join Us

The Advanced Materials Group is always looking for self-motivated, qualified and talented people to join us. We invite interested undergraduate researchers, PhD students, or Post Doctoral Fellows to contact us with an up-to-date CV. 

The multidisciplinary and interactive nature of the research in the Advanced Materials group seeks to provides students with the opportunity to participate in innovative, cutting-edge research in the areas of smart materials, biomaterials, polymers, chemistry and nanomaterials.

Even if no funded positions are open at the time, there are various funding opportunities available, including for international students, that you could explore on your own or with Prof Foster’s help. Please see the Resources for details.

FAQs for Undergraduate Research Students

  • No you don’t need prior experience (most undergrads come in with no prior lab experience)
  • Undergraduate Research is available for Freshmen through Seniors. You can do this for credit, between 1 and 3 credit hours. Each credit hour equates to about 3 hrs in the lab per week.
  • This can be very beneficial for students potentially going to graduate school, or into industry
  • Students often find their related classes become easier, and more relevant, after they become involved in undergrad research.
  • The AMG has a group meeting every week, where we discuss research, lab business.
  • Usually, undergraduate students are paired with a graduate student or post doc, to help day to day in the lab.

If you are interested, contact Prof Foster. Usually, we will chat about research, and I will put you in contact with a few graduate students and undergrads, to chat about what it is like to work in the group.

For Graduate Students

Graduate applicants are required to apply and be accepted by The University of British Columbia’s Graduate School. Prior contact with Prof Foster is not required, but definitely recommended. Students (without advisors) who are already enrolled at The University of British Columbia can contact Prof Foster to arrange a meeting to discuss joining the AMG.

For Postdoctoral Positions

Please send a cover letter, CV (resume) including publications, and a research summary (2 pages or less) by email to Prof Foster. Please include your future career goals and mention any fellowship opportunities you plan to pursue (please see the Resources page for ideas, but this should only be a start).